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The Energy Group of America,Inc.

TEG is a leading integrated energy solutions firm providing a full spectrum of energy and utility related products and services.

By leveraging skills gained from years of utility experience, our energy experts act as your personal consultant, helping you to interpret data and identify opportunities to reduce your cost of doing business where energy is involved. Working closely with a team of energy experts who are specialized in energy & utility management, your personal consultant is able to provide expert advice and guidance when you need it most.

Our Services


The microgrid is a critical component for the U.S. and global energy economy. It is uniquely equipped for delivering electricity that is secure, reliable, affordable, and generated by preferred resources to consumers where they want it,

Balancing Authority

By contracting The Energy Group's services, Power Producers including Distributed Energy Resources (DER's) will ensure increased flexibility and authority in managing their power supplies, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Master Energy

Through the implementation of an identified list of initiatives, your Company will improve operational efficiencies, enhance reliability and significantly lower costs associated with the delivery and operational use of energy throughout the organization.

National Utility

The Energy Group provides a unique total value package which addresses the strategic energy planning needs, and the energy purchasing needs of our customers, as well as price risk management which can serve to balance competitive pricing and supply.

As a FERC licensed - Power Marketer our clients benefit from our ability to aggregate low-cost generation and deliver
it in a reliable and responsive manner.

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