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Who we are

The Energy Group of America, Inc., is a leading integrated energy solutions firm providing a full spectrum of energy and utility related products and services in the Nation’s electric power industry. The Energy Group has evolved in the energy services field since its inception in 1995, originating as an energy based management consulting services group and subsequently adding value-based power marketing. In 2000 we developed skills in managing Balancing Authority Technical Services to support our clients NERC related requirements and in 2012 included Distributed Energy Services (DER's) and microgrid services divisions, as warranted by the energy marketplace.

What we do

We provide improved profits defined by the customer’s financial success measures! By leveraging skills gained from years of utility experience, our energy experts act as your personal consultant, helping you to interpret data and identify opportunities to reduce your cost of doing business where energy is involved. Working closely with a team of energy experts who are specialized in various aspects of energy & utility management, your personal consultant is able to provide expert advice and guidance when you need it most. As a licensed Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) power marketer, we are authorized to buy, manage and distribute electricity and natural gas products and services nationwide.
We can improve your bottom line!


According to your needs. Balancing your energy demands and reliability criteria (critical success factors) against market conditions and cycles, each initiative is reviewed and prioritized for your approval. We flex for you. We can provide a spot energy purchase or a one year commodity strip price. We can move watts for the day or site and design a transmission line over the course of months.
You are in complete control.


We are Nationwide, and, we come to you. We are also nationally licensed and have been developing relationships with energy suppliers and service providers as a company for more than 10 years, with 20 years average individual experience staff wide.


Our willingness and ability to invest time and resources necessary to create improved profits will establish a mutually beneficial, value-based client-supplier relationship that will perpetuate over time. As the future unfolds, we would welcome the opportunity to be a part of your energy team.
Let us show you HOW…

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