Guiding Principles

The Energy Group is founded upon a set of guiding principles which serves as a compass for directing our everyday actions. Our mission is to deliver a superior customer service in a principle centered fashion. This means we will act with the utmost integrity, honestly, and respect for the individuals in all of our dealings.

We believe that by always doing the right things, mutually beneficial and value-based client-supplier relationships will develop and perpetuate over time. It is this core belief and philosophy that allow us to consistently deliver superior value to you.

Our primary focus is satisfying client goals by providing superior customer service. We seek clients to whom we can deliver exceptional value, resulting in a mutually beneficial, enduring relationship.
Our work environment is self-directed, yet accountable, enjoyable, consistent andprofessional, where individual diversity is recognized as a valuable human resource. Each member is encouraged to develop both personally and professionally so that a cohesive, interdependent culture is maintained.
Our business is performed in a principle-centered fashion with HONESTY, INTEGRITY and the “GOLDEN RULE” as our guidelines.
Monetary gains are based on productivity and value added to the organization. “Those in the boat must row!” We believe earning potential to be unlimited, and always act to promote both individual and group success.
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