Schedule of Services

We have divided this scope of work into the following tasks:

  • Task 1: Project Initiation (Team assignment, Resource ID, Project schedule development including timeline, etc.)
  • Task 2: Data Collection, evaluation/analysis and Presentation of proposed input to regional agency*
  • Task 3: Identify, develop and complete agency questionnaire response requirements
  • Task 4: Develop identified procedures as required for agency certification
  • Task 5 Support EMS development of Your Company’s Control Area Operations Model which includes data transmission protocols and RTU requirement formation
  • Task 6: Identify and resolve technical issues associated with data transmission and communication as required to functional operate as a control area
  • Task 7 Develop communication standards and practices to ensure continued continuity between Your Company’s generating facilities and the main control center, as well as, the System control center (Security Coordinator and IDC)
  • Task 8 Continued support on an as-directed basis for up-to-12 months

*The deliverable in this task would be a concise draft report that could serve as an internal and external preliminary input evaluation document.

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