Scope of Services

The Energy Group will assist Your Company’s generating facilities (the “Facilities”) in obtaining a control area certification status from a regional regulating agency such as NERC, SPP, SERC, etc. and provide technical support in the development of infrastructure for control area operations as described below:

  • Completion of agency Control Area certification questionnaire (approx. 112 pages)
  • Procedural development associated with compliance to NERC operating requirements and required for certification.
  • Assist in developing EMS (Energy Management System) and communication links from the Facility to the control area including SCADA and true time devices.
  • Provide NERC and agency control area operations staff support via The Energy Group staff.
  • Interface with Your Company’s plant operators and designated trader/asset managers to coordinate operations and communications with the control center. Support control area duties and services as required by NERC, including but not limited to:

    • Technical development of AGC (Automatic Generation Control) services.
    • Establish frequency bias settings according to agency criteria.
    • Technical support in development of frequency regulation.
    • Provide reserve sharing management services, including the management of operating reserves. Provided a separate agreement is reached, The Energy Group will represent Your Company and assist in managing Your Company’s provision of reserves in accordance with NERC requirements.
    • Develop scheduling services, including dynamic schedules.
    • Develop procedures for system restoration after disturbances,
      including from a complete blackout condition, if applicable.
    • Administrative support for agency certification for the control area including all applicable requirements of the regional agency and NERC, and their successors.
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