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The Energy Group is a consortium of companies operating as an alliance who are subject matter experts and who have worked together collectively for years on many real-time energy applications.The Energy Group, through its affiliates, operates a utility-scale Energy Management system (EMS) that integrates and optimizes grid assets, power generation assets and controllable loads.

We can integrate and optimize a mix of generation sources, load control, centralized energy management software solutions and communication infrastructure to ensure reliable energy infrastructure functionality.


  • Improved power resiliency, flexibility, stability and reliability
  • Providing economic electricity to critical loads
  • Potential to increase deployment of low carbon generation sources.

These benefits are derived from automating the integration and optimized dispatch of various sources of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), load control, and defining the interconnection relationship with the main transmission grid.



  • Support integration of clean renewable energy resources
  • Enabled island-mode or grid-connected operations
  • Improved reliability and power quality
  • Support of emergency operations
  • Enabled participation in demand response and ancillary services markets


Balancing Authority Services


A control area is a portion of a power grid, which regulates its generation in order to continuously balance its actual and scheduled power flow. It also regulates and stabilizes the amount of power on the grid to support the bulk interconnection system. By contracting The Energy Group's services, Power Producers including Distributed Energy Resources (DER's) will ensure increased flexibility and authority in managing their power supplies, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Comprehensive Master Energy Planning


The development of a Master Energy Plan provides for the accurate assessment of your Company’s energy requirements (needs analysis), energy procurement, operational and demand side utilization requirements, and informational & billing management services to complete the delivery of a comprehensive utility management program. The execution of the following strategy will enable your company to establish leadership parameters and objectives to embrace the changing marketplace.

Articulation of value – The Bottom Line!

Through the implementation of an identified list of initiatives, your Company will improve operational efficiencies, enhance reliability and significantly lower costs associated with the delivery and operational use of energy throughout the organization.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Energy Strategy
  • Energy Tracking
  • Commodity Supply
  • Utility Efficiency
  • Operations & Maint
  • Rate Analysis

National Utility Services and Management Partnership Program


The Energy Group provides a unique total value package which addresses the strategic energy planning needs, and the energy purchasing needs of our customers, as well as price risk management which can serve to balance competitive pricing and supply.

  • As a service provider and not a product vendor, The Energy Group can remain product neutral and consult with your company to implement only the highest quality and most cost-effective technologies available in such diverse areas as: energy data analysis and management; utility billing services; facilities design, engineering, equipment procurement and maintenance for operational efficiencies.
  • The Energy Group was designed to offer a full suite of services to meet the unique requirements of large commercial and industrial customers. We are licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory commission and our energy projects are saving millions of dollars for our customers. These services include feasibility studies, engineering and design, bid solicitation for equipment purchase and installation, project supervision, construction as well as asset ownership.
  • Once operational and maintenance opportunities have been assessed, TEG is poised to implement turn key services. Whether it is assuming the responsibility of an existing facility or consulting on the design of a new facility, TEG can provide it all; from staffing, energy audits, design, engineering, construction and own

NERC Compliance


Escalation of mandates from FERC through the Regional Organization places more pressure on COMPLIANCE!

You can get help and valuable backup with our “Safety Net Concept”

The Energy Group offers this concept as a product to all entities that employ Certified System Operators or other entities that have NERC Compliance  requirements. It is a stand alone product sold to anyone regardless of whether they buy training courses, consulting or installation services from TEG. The following services are included, as well as a discount on all other TEG Services should you have a need.

    • Pre-Audit review of your current Compliance status, written report
    • Update, rewrite or complete drafting of your compliance Policy and Procedure
    • Telephonic or email consulting on questions pertaining to compliance
    • Notice of any new requirements
    • Update of P & P as needed
    • Assistance with recruitment and interview of any new or replacement certified personal

We provide competitive rates on our compliance products and services. Please contact 407.293.8870 x260 or email customercontact@energygrp.com to discuss our services.

The Energy Group of America FERC Doc# ER-16-1202-000


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