Comprehensive Master Energy Planning

The development of a Master Energy Plan provides for the accurate assessment of your Company’s energy requirements (needs analysis), energy procurement, operational and demand side utilization requirements, and informational & billing management services to complete the delivery of a comprehensive utility management program. The execution of the following strategy will enable your company to establish leadership parameters and objectives to embrace the changing marketplace.

Articulation of value – The Bottom Line!

Through the implementation of an identified list of initiatives, your Company will improve operational efficiencies, enhance reliability and significantly lower costs associated with the delivery and operational use of energy throughout the organization.

Strategic Planning and Forecasting

Drawing on the results of our assessment of your Company’s current energy procurement processes and end-use requirements and our staff of professionals from multiple disciplines we will select and build an energy supply portfolio including risk management instruments specifically tailored to bring greater value to your Company than was previously afforded.

The keys to enhancing the energy procurement process center upon a clear understanding of your Company’s Load profiling, manufacturing operation(s), reliability requirements, budgetary constraints including tolerance for cash flow variability and applications of risk management tools to avoid unacceptable price volatility consequences. In other words, TEG will stabilize your budget.

The Energy Group will study your service or manufacturing operations including multiple site visitations and personnel interviews, evaluate load profiles of various facilities (to accommodate procurement of the most competitive power blocks), and establish an understanding of the risk tolerance your Company’s is willing to commit to in the development of a predictable, competitively priced energy supply portfolio.

Energy Strategy Development

The energy strategy required in today’s environment is not a set of discreetly scheduled actions, but rather a strategy to take advantage of the economy and flexibility afforded by the ability to choose, on a period-to-period basis, the most attractive combination of options. The Energy Group will develop a low-cost, low-risk, flexible energy strategy for these increasingly competitive times.

In the body of a requested proposal to your Company you will find an outline of The Energy Group’s approach, as well as a specific set of initiatives and action activities design to ensure the delivery of predictive energy pricing to your entire family of manufacturing and commercial facilities, if applicable.

Information Management (Energy Tracking)

Through the implementation of an identified list of initiatives, your Company will improve operational efficiencies, enhance reliability and significantly lower costs associated with the delivery and personal operational use of energy through the organization. To get the right results you need the right tools:

  1. Billing cost/ usage data entry
  2. Energy Tracking & reporting data assimilation
  3. Collect and maintain energy usage and load profile information on your Company’s locations.
  4. Post energy usage data
  5. Prepare management reports.
  6. Consolidated billing (as locations are added to the program)
  7. Review all supplier invoices for accuracy
  8. Make timely payment to suppliers on all audited invoices on Your Company’s behalf.
  9. Consolidate supplier invoices by facility or group of facilities and submit to your Company’s via EDI for reimbursement.
  10. Prepare special reports to track costs, savings and procurement strategies to locations and management.

Commodity Supply and Risk Management

  • Prepare Your Company’s national energy procurement strategy.
  • Analyze the electric power and natural gas loads of facilities listed in Exhibit “X” and others that may be appropriate due to aggregation activities.
  • Develop a power management strategy for this fast-changing utility industry.
  • Follow corporate direction related to lowering costs or improving reliability.
  • Implement your Company’s long term strategic plans for power management.
  • Conduct monthly strategy conference calls with your Company’s representatives.
  • Prepare information for monthly strategy conference calls.
  • Contact location representatives and assess daily and monthly power requirements.
  • Provide supply side power management services where direct electric market access is an option for your Company including but not limited to:

    • Competitively source most economical and reliable sources of electrical power
      • long and short term supply needs
      • firm or reserve service
      • backup capacity
      • ancillary services
    • Complete all nominations to suppliers, transporters, etc.
    • Determine mix of supply and transportation for each division or aggregated group of locations to optimize costs.
    • Purchase incremental supply if needed.
    • Track and resolve all imbalances.
    • Manage the portfolio of “customer choice” suppliers.
    • Negotiate and edit only all contracts and amendments with suppliers, transporters, etc.
    • Provide for physical power deliveries as needed or to correct imbalance situations.
    • Maintain a FERC & State Power Marketer Certification & licensing.
    • Provide risk management services to ensure price control and protect savings when needed.

Utility Efficiency

Take control of your electric and natural gas costs, and use technology to bring greater savings to your company.

  • Lighting Systems or lighting retrofit projects or studies.
  • Heating, Ventilating and Air-conditioning Systems projects or studies.
  • Control Systems energy management system projects or studies.
  • Electronic data recording projects or studies.
  • Energy Performance Contract Services.
  • Design and build other services, projects or programs.

Operations and Maintenance

Understand the changing energy industry and how it impacts your operations-and get the tools you need to make these changes profitable.

  • Review current PM procedures
  • Establish maintenance frequencies to enhance manuf. Rec.
  • Administer Performance audits

Rate Analysis and Consulting

Understanding the changing energy industry and how it impacts your operations-and get the tools you need to make these changes profitable.

Serve as your Company’s utility representative

  • Perform detailed rate analysis
  • Develop maximum competitive leverage available to your Company in a respective utility service area.
  • Negotiate with utilities on behalf of your Company for more advantageous rates for electric power through real time pricing, variable pricing, economic development pricing, load retention rates, interruptible rates, deferral rates etc. as appropriate to stimulate pre-deregulation savings for your Company.
  • Aggregate meters and facilities within common service territories.
  • Facilitate your Company’s participation in “Customer Choice” pilot programs when available.
  • Facilitate your Company’s location participation in each new “Open access” or “Customer choice” alternatives when available.
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