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The Energy Group provides a unique total value package which addresses the strategic energy planning needs, and the energy purchasing needs of our customers, as well as price risk management which can serve to balance competitive pricing and supply.

  • As a service provider and not a product vendor, The Energy Group can remain product neutral and consult with your company to implement only the highest quality and most cost-effective technologies available in such diverse areas as: energy data analysis and management; utility billing services; facilities design, engineering, equipment procurement and maintenance for operational efficiencies.
  • The Energy Group was designed to offer a full suite of services to meet the unique requirements of large commercial and industrial customers. We are licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory commission and our energy projects are saving millions of dollars for our customers. These services include feasibility studies, engineering and design, bid solicitation for equipment purchase and installation, project supervision, construction as well as asset ownership.
  • Once operational and maintenance opportunities have been assessed, TEG is poised to implement turn key services. Whether it is assuming the responsibility of an existing facility or consulting on the design of a new facility, TEG can provide it all; from staffing, energy audits, design, engineering, construction and ownership.

The Energy Group’s tradition of professional consultation is offered as a commitment to ensure the necessary utility analysis, business acumen and application of technical resources, and provision of a comprehensive solutions package for your organization. Today it draws on state-of-the-art comprehensive utility experience and resources. We believe the most convincing evidence of the quality, integrity and value of our services is the confidence and loyalty of our repeat customers. The Energy Group of America combines advanced information technology with the expertise of utility management professionals to provide you with the freedom and control you need to save money, increase efficiency and take advantage of opportunities.

Approach and Methodology

The Energy Group will assist your company in preparing a master energy plan that sets out a strategy to reduce energy (power & natural) consumption. Integral to this process will be interviews with your company’s designated facility managers to understand the most critical business objectives and the risk tolerances of each major location. Our goal will be to reach a consensus on the direction(s) and scope of the energy plan.

Consistent with our proposed scope of work, TEG will lead and facilitate communication among your company’s energy personnel, management and between TEG team members.

In addition to monthly/quarterly progress meetings, frequent contacts with plant managers will advise the status of active projects, review invoice audit findings, and update key electric market developments. Report formats, which facilitate these communications, will be developed. The Energy Group and your company’s facility managers will also frequently use electronic communication to share ideas, highlight successful individual plant initiatives, and disseminate core energy knowledge.

A four phased approach is used to develop and execute a master energy plan.
The four phases are:

Phase I – Discovery
Phase II – Assessment
Phase III – Implementation
Phase IV – Account Management

Phase I-Discovery

During Phase I – Discovery, the energy teams will:

  • Identify the appropriate subject matter experts including business unit
  • representation to form the combined energy team.
  • Prioritize and complete facility assessments throughout the organization.
  • Identify the needs for energy, operation and maintenance, water, wastewater engineering support as well as environmental support.
  • Define the goals of each business unit as well as the overall goal for your company regarding a master energy plan.
  • Utilize all available data, including data from an electronic data manager to provide direction and focus for the development of a master energy plan.
  • Establish communication and reporting protocols. Regulatory updates can also begin during this phase on an agreed to frequency.
  • Produce a master energy plan, which encompasses a strategy for at least the next five years.
  • Deliver financial performance requirements

Phase II-Assessment

During Phase II – Assessment: Midway through phase I, some elements of phase II can be initiated:

  • Operation & Maintenance Assessment for facility utility assets.
  • Evaluation of asset modernization opportunities.
  • Capital project identification, screening and prioritization based on facility assessments.
  • Evaluation of alternative energy sources (co-generation, distributive generation, alternative fuel options, etc.)
  • Exploration of power marketing opportunities

Phase III-Implementation

During Phase III – Implementation:

  • Capital project implementation and replication will begin. The Energy Group can provide support for any and all phases of taking a capital project from initial design to start-up.
  • Measurement and verification processes will be developed and put in place to measure success.
  • Approved asset acquisition begins to take place
  • The energy team will initiate participation of affected facilities in any utility programs that make good business sense.

Phase IV

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