NERC Compliance


Escalation of mandates from FERC through the Regional Organization places more pressure on COMPLIANCE!

You can get help and valuable backup with our “Safety Net Concept”

The Energy Group offers this concept as a product to all entities that employ Certified System Operators or other entities that have NERC Compliance  requirements. It is a stand alone product sold to anyone regardless of whether they buy training courses, consulting or installation services from TEG. The following services are included, as well as a discount on all other TEG Services should you have a need.

    • Pre-Audit review of your current Compliance status, written report
    • Update, rewrite or complete drafting of your compliance Policy and Procedure
    • Telephonic or email consulting on questions pertaining to compliance
    • Notice of any new requirements
    • Update of P & P as needed
    • Assistance with recruitment and interview of any new or replacement certified personal

We provide competitive rates on our compliance products and services. Please contact 407.293.8870 x260 or email to discuss our services.

The Energy Group of America FERC Doc# ER-16-1202-000


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